Don’t spray – wipe away

Trigger sprays can be harmful to lungs and air quality as concluded by two university studies.

Research by Norway’s University of Bergen suggested that regular exposure to cleaning products significantly affects lung function. UK experts including the British Lung Foundation advised to keep homes well ventilated and avoid using trigger sprays.

Additionally, a study from Colorado University established that chemicals found in everyday household products can affect air quality. The study focused on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The team concluded that in the US, the amount of VOCs emitted by consumer and industrial products is very probably two or three times greater than that estimated by current air pollution inventories.

We Say: Wipes impregnated with cleaning solutions present consumers with an excellent means of avoiding these hazards.






Nice-Pak’s Regulatory Affairs Manager Barrie Anderson comments:

“One of the main problems being discussed is that trigger sprays and aerosols put fine mists or liquid droplets into the air where they can travel quite far and can be readily inhaled. Wipes, on the other hand, place the liquid directly onto the surface to be cleaned, without any finely divided sprays being formed, with the result that chemical escape to the atmosphere is localised and kept to an absolute minimum.”

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