Nice-Pak International

Nice-Pak Actions in relation to COVID-19


Nice-Pak International recognises its duty of care towards employees, visitors and contractors.  We have undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment at each of our UK sites, in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s  “5 steps to working safely” guidance.

The risk assessments and resulting actions/recommendations have been discussed and agreed with the Health and Safety representatives on each site.

Our objective has been to do everything reasonably practicable to minimise risks to our employees, visitors and contractors.  We acknowledge, however, that it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of Covid-19.

It should be noted that whilst we have summarised below the actions taken by Nice-Pak International, employees also have responsibilities both to themselves and their colleagues in relation to the minimisation of the risk of Covid-19.  They have been reminded of their responsibilities in relation to isolation requirements if they develop symptoms and also the need to comply with hygiene requirements and social distancing measures.

Below is a summary of the results from the risk assessments and reference to specific actions taken:-

Employees have been categorised into five groups.

These range from those who are considered clinically extremely vulnerable (who are shielding with our full support) to those who have no medical restrictions and who are able to attend work in a full capacity, subject to them complying with the social distancing and hygiene measures in place.

 Adjustments in the Factories.

At each of our factories, we have made adjustments to aid social distancing and enhance  personal hygiene standards including:- staggered start and finish times, restrictions to rest areas and wash stations, one way routes, physical adjustments to packing areas, provision of PPE to colleagues where it is not possible to maintain distancing of 2 metres, increased number of wash stations and provision of sanitiser.

 Adjustments to office areas

Rotas introduced to allow for social distancing, restrictions on usage of communal areas, cleaning regimes enhanced, clean desk policy introduced with supporting hygiene processes, physical adjustments including the introduction of screens, re-orientation of desks, removal of desks.

Introduction of Microsoft Teams to aid working from home.

 Site wide and other adjustments

Cleaning regimes enhanced.  Removal of finger print access system and replacement with card mechanism, time and attendance terminals removed from use to reduce risk of congestion, adjustments to reception and conference room e.g. screen around reception desk, maximum occupancy limits set for each conference room to allow for social distancing, increased provision of sanitiser.

 Visitors and contractors

Restricted to essential only and enhanced protocols introduced when approved.


Increased level of briefings and notices to aid employee awareness and understanding of measures being taken by NPI during this period.

Increased usage of employee app to ensure those working from home are also kept abreast of developments.

Employees also reminded in these communications of their responsibilities.


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