Cost Focus

At Nice-Pak we understand the need for a relentless focus on cost management.

Drawing on the varied multifunctional resources across our business, we can work with you to identify all possible means of optimising the cost/value relationship without adversely affecting quality.

A systematic programme of value engineering is embedded within our approach and will help you achieve your product and cost objectives.

Nice-Pak can examine a variety of items including new materials, new suppliers, partnerships, consolidation, new equipment, and new processes.

As part of this process, we will explore the full range of affordable materials in the market, tapping into new technologies available from our extensive supply base.

In addition, we have an active programme of sourcing new suppliers from across the globe.

Also, whenever possible and without negatively impacting the necessary differentiation which our customers seek, we look for ways to keep down costs by consolidating volume in non-critical areas.

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