Household Wipes

Household Wipes

Nice-Pak has a long heritage of success in manufacturing household wipes to clean, polish and disinfect the home.

Our products, designed by our household experts, provide convenient solutions for time-pressed people keen to clean and care for their homes. Housework is now about convenience, with quick and frequent cleaning replacing the once weekly meticulous clean, in keeping with changing lifestyles.

Our products come in a range of textures and thicknesses to give effective cleaning for a wide range of surfaces, while a variety of fragrances and limited edition scents reinforce the impression of a job well done.

Our research and development professionals create and test new products to meet consumers’ needs. Whether it is a new concept or a benchmark against a market-leading product, our consistency of approach will help you to achieve your objective.

The Nice-Pak household wipes product range includes:

  • Multi-surface wipes to suit both antibacterial and non-bacterial preferences
  • Kitchen and bathroom – including flushable toilet cleaning wipes
  • Floor wipes – for effective cleaning of all hard surfaces
  • Glass wipes – for a crystal clear and streak free finish
  • Wood and laminate wipes to remove dirt, dust and grime whilst polishing and rejuvenating
  • Stainless steel wipes – to deliver a smear free shine

Nice to Know

  • Nice-Pak have a dedicated household development resource
  • Wipes fit well within the cleaning routines of time-pressed consumers
  • See our news section for the latest innovations in household wipes
  • Our household wipes come in a range of textures and thicknesses to give effective cleaning for a wide range of surfaces
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