Innovations in Household Cleaning Wipes

Household wipes offer consumers hygienic, convenient and time-saving cleaning solutions for all around the home. Ian Anderson, our Marketing Director, recently shared some thoughts on household wipes innovations with ‘Nonwovens Industry’ magazine. 

Multi surface cleaning wipes

Ian explained “Our household wipes come in a range of textures and thicknesses to give effective cleaning for a wide range of surfaces, while a variety of fragrances and limited edition scents reinforce the impression of a job well done.  We invest in research and development to bring the latest innovations to the market, whether that be formulation, fragrance, packaging and environmentally friendly options.  In fact, some of the trends we  are seeing this year are corresponding fragrance and color-coding—for example, pink grapefruit scented wipes in pink packaging or exotic flowers in purple packaging.”

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