Baby Wipes

A Moment of Truth

Recent price reductions and increased promotional activity in the baby wipe market have led some to describe these products as being “commoditised”. This is concerning as a fixation on price, invariably leads to a reduction in quality.

At the risk of stating the obvious, baby wipes are bought predominantly by mothers who then use them to clean their babies. Any parent will tell you how important this intimate moment is in the care of their young infant.

On average a parent will change their baby six to eight times per day, using three to four wipes per occasion. Every time this happens represents a “moment of truth”; an event where the customer will judge your business on the quality of your product, a product they use for something they consider of the utmost importance. It represents an opportunity to give them a great experience that will reflect positively or negatively on your company.

Very few products carrying your business name sell in such volume, are purchased so often and used as frequently as baby wipes. Moreover the customers who purchase them tend to be those with the biggest shopping baskets.

A favourable product experience; getting it right with this “moment of truth”, will give those important customers the impression you care about the quality of your products and brands. It will reflect directly upon your business; so whatever you do, please don’t treat it like a commodity.