Health & Well-Being Award for Nice-Pak


Sustainable wet-wipe manufacturer Nice-Pak has received an award for promoting health and well-being across its workforce.

Recognised by Yu Life, an employee assistance programme, Nice-Pak actively promotes use of an app across its business. The app gives employees ­­­­­­­­­­­easy access to a twenty-four-hour GP service and provides tangible employee rewards in return for adopting healthier lifestyles. Our focus on well-being means that colleagues benefit from regular physical and mental health initiatives such as walking challenges and training sessions on topics such as men’s health, mental health and menopause awareness.

Established over thirty-five years ago, Nice-Pak produces on behalf of major supermarkets and brand owners and employs more than 700 people across operations in Flint, Wigan and Osterweddingen, Germany. Earlier this year Nice-Pak announced that ninety per cent of wet wipes produced in the UK are plastic-free through determined collaboration with customers.

Certified as a Top Employer for the past ten consecutive years, for its excellence in HR policies and people practices. It is recognised alongside organisations such as Pfizer, Bentley Motors and Reckitt.

It has a below-national-average gender pay gap of just six percent and asserts long term tenure among employees, with more than sixty per cent per cent of workers having more than 10 years’ service.

 Sammy Rubin, CEO of YuLife explained why Nice-Pak were selected:

“Nice-Pak won the Ignite Award because they’ve done an exceptional job at engaging and igniting their employees to live healthier and happier lives. It’s not always easy to bring people together with different offices, factories and shifts, but through their well thought-through wellbeing strategy and care, they’ve not only encouraged more than 20% of their employees to practice mindfulness, they have also achieved engagement rates and a daily step-count well over the industry average. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with them!”


Nice-Pak International’s human resources director, Deborah Thatcher said:

“We are delighted to have been recognised. The app plays a significant part in our overall health and well-being strategy as it enables us to measure results in all four pillars of our human relations strategy – physical, mental, social and financial health.


“Over the past three months colleagues have walked, worked out, cycled and meditated to collect over four and a half thousand ‘Yu Coin’ currency which can be exchanged for vouchers for high street and online retailers or to make social and environmental donations.   Nice-Pak colleagues have donated over seventy four thousand litres of drinking water to third world countries and planted over three hundred trees.


“Our teams can look forward to the activities we have planned for the remainder of the year.”


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