Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes SecureFlush™ – moist toilet tissue that breaks apart even faster than toilet paper

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Nice-Pak launches industry-first moist toilet tissue that breaks apart even faster than toilet roll, with Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes SecureFlush™

UK consumers now have access to a moist toilet tissue that breaks apart even faster than toilet roll when flushed, following a major industry breakthrough.

Nice-Pak International has launched Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes SecureFlush™ , which is strong enough to clean yet breaks apart rapidly when flushed.

With 8 out of 10 consumers still concerned about the risk of moist toilet tissue blocking their household pipes*, this new innovative product will be a game-changer.

The revolutionary technology has been verified as Fine to Flush and independently tested to confirm that it breaks apart even faster than toilet roll, an industry first. In addition, the wipes are plant-based, plastic-free, biodegradable, and are packed in recyclable packaging.

The launch will be supported by a heavyweight above-the-line, social media, online and instore POS & trial-price campaign.

Kevin Verbruggen, marketing director at Nice-Pak, said: “To create moist toilet tissue that breaks apart even faster than toilet roll is a significant achievement for our team, who spent several years carrying out the comprehensive research and development.”

“Our new SecureFlush™ technology has the ability to add category value, as we attract more shoppers to buy moist toilet tissue, and trade existing shoppers up to an added-value brand.

“The product has recently launched in the USA and is performing brilliantly. Now it’s time for UK consumers to experience a fresher clean, while doing the right thing for our environment.”

Nice-Pak has also launched new baby wipes and toddler moist toilet tissue wipes in the Nice ‘N CLEAN wipes range, with a promise of being ‘Nice for you, and nice for our planet too’.

Kevin added: “Our new baby wipes are larger than average baby wipes, with our innovative three-layer NatureComfy™ natural fabric providing a soft, thick & gentle clean.

“As with our moist toilet tissue, they are plastic-free, biodegradable and use recyclable packaging. The baby wipes are made with more than 99 per cent pure water and are dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved.”

“Our toddler moist toilet tissue wipes help children learn to clean their own bottom successfully. The hypoallergenic wipes are 99 per cent water, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved. With a fun design on pack, they’ve been developed with both toddlers and parents in mind.”

Kevin added: “As the makers of the first wet wipe, we continue to pioneer developments in the category and exceed industry expectations, all through our continued commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“Nice ‘N CLEAN wipes offer a range of added-value products across several categories, based upon consumer insight and our reputation for innovation. We understand that people want to make the right choices based on the environment as well as do the best by their and their family’s needs.”

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Source: The Grocer 2nd March

* Research carried out amongst 200 consumers by Attest, (19-22 November 2021), in which 83 per cent of respondents (who’d consider buying moist toilet tissue) and 76 per cent of current moist toilet tissue buyers said they were “extremely, or somewhat concerned about the risk of blocking toilet or pipes when flushing moist toilet tissue wipes”.