Acting Responsibly – Do Not Flush Baby Wipes, Cosmetic Wipes or Household Cleaning Wipes

Wipes are an important component of modern day life, vital in safeguarding consumer health and hygiene.

The vast majority of wipes including baby wipes, cosmetic wipes and household cleaning wipes should be disposed of in a bin.

As a responsible manufacturer, Nice-Pak recognises concerns around the potential environmental impacts of inappropriately disposed wet wipes. We also understand that the consumer wants to act responsibly.  We appeal for adherence to on-pack disposal instructions. If the ‘Do Not Flush’ logo is present please dispose of wipes in a bin. If in doubt, do not flush.

Nice-Pak has been working closely with its customers and trade association, EDANA, on a co-ordinated approach to ensure that all packaging communicates the appropriate disposal pathway for each and every product. In most cases, this involves the clear display of a ‘Do Not Flush’ logo in accordance with industry Code of Practice.

Wipes designed to be and marketed as ‘flushable’ must comply with the strict industry guidelines, ‘GD4’.  Wipes compliant with these guidelines do not contain plastic. GD4 (including the labelling Code of Practice) is the basis for national legislation or standards in Belgium and Spain and is in the process of being adopted by Waste Water authorities in other European countries.  GD4 has a history of over 15 years of rigorous testing and constant review that comprehensively demonstrates the compatibility of flushable wipes with the wastewater infrastructure. It has proven to be effective in both the test environment and in the wastewater network itself, as evidenced by Water UK’s own 2017 study of sewer blockages.

The study concluded that the vast  majority of wipes found in sewer blockages are of the non-flushable type which had been incorrectly disposed of.

Nice-Pak continues to support an industry-wide stakeholder outreach programme and consumer education on this important issue.


See the industry education video.