‘Fine to Flush’ accreditation for Nice-Pak

Nice-Pak International has achieved a ‘Fine to Flush’ generic accreditation for its flushable plastic-free moist toilet tissue products.

Moist toilet tissue supplied by Nice-Pak making use of the SureFlush XP12 technology will be able to display the ‘Fine to Flush’ logo on pack.

The ‘Fine to Flush’ standard was introduced by Water UK, which represents water companies across the UK.

Nice-Pak’s research and development head of nonwoven, Matt Storey, said: “We are delighted to have attained this certification on SureFlush XP12 following two years of hard work and collaboration with the Water Research Centre (WRc). This plastic-free moist toilet tissue has been designed to meet the specific needs of the UK sewer system.”



WRc developed the flushability standard in conjunction with Water UK earlier this year.

WRc’s  Senior Consultant, Andy Drinkwater said: ” The certification of Nice-Pak’s Sureflush XP12 is a most welcome step forward. The product is very different from many traditional wipes in terms of its flushability credentials. Retailers should be confident that by using SureFlush XP12, and subject to confirmatory testing, their own branded products should be ‘Fine to Flush’ compliant”

Fine to Flush’ certification is only granted for the small minority of wet wipes which are designed to be flushed and have passed the rigorous seven step process required by the standard.  The vast majority of wipes including baby wipes, make up removal wipes and household cleaning wipes are not designed to be flushed and should be disposed of in a bin.

Nice-Pak actively encourages compliance with the industry Code of Practice on ‘Do Not Flush’ labelling and supports industry-wide awareness on responsible product disposal.