Wet wipes and evolving consumer trends for 2017

Whilst 2017 may hold uncertainty in the macro environment, at a micro-level we remain optimistic about the prospects for growth for the wet wipes market and determined to maintain a long-term perspective in our new product development activities by working with a number of consumer insight companies and retail intelligence sources to build a picture of evolving consumer needs in our market.

It is sometimes difficult to relate the ‘big issues’ that this work throws up to the specifics of the wet wipes market. To get you thinking, here are just a few which you might like to explore with your Nice-Pak Business Manager. Get in touch.


Air quality

Air Quality

Consumers increasingly recognise the threat that air pollution represents not only to their lungs but to their skin. We expect European consumers to follow China and indeed Asia’s lead for anti pollution products. Nice-Pak identified this trend some time ago and have a number of anti-pollution products readily available.


Environmental awareness

Environmental Awareness

Consumers expect that companies will do their best to minimise their environmental impact. Our challenge is to put forward cost-effective, unobtrusive environmental solutions without consumer sacrifice. To this end Nice-Pak have a number of products available.




image consciousnessImage Consciousness

The consumer’s need to look good and be accessible on social media has implications for a range of personal care products.





Amended image

Ageless Profiling

It is no longer simple to predict and profile a consumer’s lifestyle and lifestage simply by age. People are living longer and traditional lifestyle models are changing regarding aspects such as  careers, property ownership and marriage.

In particular, with increasing life expectancy comes the opportunity for older people to be more adventurous and to persist with interests that previous generations might have left behind at an earlier age. In the world of wipes, this represents a huge opportunity to rethink how we segment our product propositions.



Get in touch with us to discuss more trends and ways we can help you win in 2017.