WestWood Park Progress

WestWood ParkIn just a few months time, our new state-of- the-art manufacturing site at Westwood Park is due to open. Our teams have been working around the clock to ensure we hit our start-up target date and much progress has been made over recent months. The external structure is now complete and we are currently installing the latest generation equipment.

Westwood Park will bring in a new era of wet wipe manufacture and deliver significant benefits to our customers including improved efficiency, flexibility and capacity across our global business.

Paul Symonds our Operations Director has had the challenging task of leading this ambitious and exciting project and shared the latest news with us:

“From our imaginations of 18 months ago, the Westwood Park building is quickly turning into the reality of a World Class facility. The equipment is being assembled and the environment is being created to establish this plant as one of the industry’s foremost operations.

However, in order to have a World Class operation, we need World Class staff. The current staff at Hindley Green are responding impressively to the training being provided to effect the significant changes that will be needed for the way the new facility will work. I am confident that all will come together in the next few months to produce an operation that will exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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